The Orators

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1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians: Leadership in the Church 001

Faith in the Workplace

Faith in the Workplace: A Theology of Work 001

Faith in the Workplace: Transformation 002

Faith in the Workplace: A Mirror into Your Soul 003

Faith in the Workplace: Failing Well 004

Faith in the Workplace: Integrity 005

Faith in the Workplace: Work-Life Balance 006

Faith in the Workplace: Good News 007

Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines: Introduction to the Spiritual Disciplines 001

Spiritual Disciplines: The Inward Disciplines 002

Spiritual Disciplines: The Outward Disciplines 003

Spiritual Disciplines: The Corporate Disciplines 004

Spiritual Disciplines: The Disciplines of Abstinence 005

Spiritual Disciplines: The Disciplines of Engagement 006

Spiritual Disciplines: Questions Raised by the Application of the Disciplines 007

Bonus Episodes

Bonus: The Singing Teacher

Bonus: Unity in Diversity

Bonus: What is the Middle Kingdom?

Unveiled: Jesus in the Old Testament

Unveiled: Introduction – Clearing up Common Misconceptions

Unveiled: Jesus as Prophecy

Unveiled: Jesus as Type – Understanding Persons & Events 003

Unveiled: Jesus as Type – Understanding Objects 004

Unveiled: Jesus as Man – Christophany in the Old Testament 005

Unveiled: Jesus as Key – Understanding the Fullness of the New Testament 006

Unveiled: Conclusion – Avoiding Mistakes 007


Proverbs: Practical Wisdom 001

Proverbs: Laziness 002

Proverbs: Workaholism 003

Proverbs: Debt 004

Proverbs: Snobbery 005

Proverbs: Overindulgence 006

Proverbs: Gossip 007

Proverbs: Anger 008

Proverbs: Integrity 009

Proverbs: Exploitation 010

Proverbs: Being a Good Neighbor 011

Proverbs: Being Good to Your Family 012

Proverbs: Community 013

Proverbs: The Way of Wisdom 014