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  • What Jesus Demands from the World
    Throughout the history of the Church people have gathered to celebrate the coming of Jesus into Jerusalem. This Sunday will be no different.
  • City Church Connect: Be Not Conformed
    The world is a cookie making factory, and we are the cookies, pressed and “conformed” into the image they stamp upon us.
  • Ask… Adoptive Parents!
    In the book of James, God commands us to look after orphans and widows in their distress. For Rich
  • Ask…Newly-weds!
    Behind every great couple, there’s a great story. Today, newly weds Brandon and Mimi are joining us
  • Ask a… Kindergarten Teacher!
    It’s September, which means across Beijing students and teachers are returning to the classrooms


  • E-Learning: When Schools Go Online
    As Covid-19 continues to spread globally schools are asking hard questions about remaining open or
  • Leading Through a Crisis
      On today’s episode, Jenni and TJ are joined by Randy Eplin as they discuss leading a
  • Health and Wellness
    Jenni and TJ are joined in the studio with Dr. Savu as they discuss necessary precautions to take during this time of increased fear. 
  • On Grief and Loss: Preparing for Tomorrow
    On today’s show Jenni and TJ take some time to discuss grief and loss.  Over the next several
  • Behind the Mask
    On this episode the Johnson family discusses what life has been like the past few weeks with the outbreak in China.


  • Great Eternal Light
    That ancient darkness, shrouded in God’s light, Now flees my heart, and makes my sin my sight.
  • Redeemed
    Sunbeams breaking dawn, Workers hasten on. Father chooses kid, Seller closes bid. Shofar waking
  • Silence
    Silence is a lonely sound Though louder than one might think In crowded bars I try to drown its


  • Providential Favor
    Ruth 2:1-9 God’s providence is working in the ordinary events of our lives to bring about His favor
  • Return
    Ruth 1:5-22 Be it in the first act of salvation, the prodigal’s confession, or the daily
  • Loss
    Ruth 1:1-5 As God’s people we can face each loss, each trial, each hardship with hopefulness,
  • United in Love
     In 1883 Antoni Gaudi began construction on the Sa-gra-da Familia, a church with ambitious
  • United in Giving
    Today we finish our series in 1 Corinthians. Over the past several weeks we have focused on being