Waging War on the World

Romans 12:2a

When I was a child, I loved baking cookies with my mom. We would clear the cabinets, sprinkle it with flour, and get to work. Of course, the best part of baking cookies is eating them…but if I had to choose the second-best part to baking cookies I would most definitely be using the cookie cutters. My mom had an assortment of cookie cutters, some large, some small; some round, others square; some in the shapes of animals, others in the shapes of buildings. I was always amazed at the power I had over the cookies; they became whatever I chose them to be.

This week as we look at How God Changes People, we find that every age has its own mold that it fashions men and women into. The world is a cookie making factory, and we are the cookies, pressed and “conformed” into the image they stamp upon us. For true change to happen we must first be aware of what is happening to us. The world IS shaping us. None of us are as individual or independent as we think. Secondly, we must learn that there is a greater, more stable, more satisfying mold by which we should be shaped, into the image of Christ.

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