Can you believe it? This Sunday is Palm Sunday!

Throughout the history of the Church people have gathered to celebrate the coming of Jesus into Jerusalem. This Sunday will be no different. Even in a pandemic, the Church marches on and in many ways multiplies during this time. Watchman Nee once preached a sermon about persecution in which he smashed a glass on stage. He then proceeded to crush the shards with his feet until the entire stage was speckled with tiny bits of glass. The glass was no longer centrally located, through “persecution” it had multiplied and spread.

While we will not be meeting in the 21st Century Theater this Sunday, we WILL be meeting.  That meeting will take place in homes across the city, country, and world. Families will gather. Friends will unite in worship. People who have never stepped into a church building will enter virtually to hear the good news of Jesus.

And what GOOD NEWS they will hear! Jesus, the Prince of Peace, comes to Jerusalem, the city of peace, to offer each of us a peace that none other could grant. But as King, Jesus comes with certain demands. Every Kingdom has rules. Every ruler has expectations. As we worship together this Sunday, let us lean into the text and listen attentively to what Jesus demands from the world. And let me end by saying this, What Jesus delivers to us is far greater than what Jesus demands from us.

So be intentional about being the church this week. Invite a friend to service. Gather with friends and family. Encourage one another. Speak truth into the lives of the body. Sing with your whole mind and spirit. Rejoice in your King who comes humble and riding on a donkey.


Join City Church Connect Sunday, April 5, 2020 (9am, 11am, 7pm) as we worship the King of Kings: