Join the citizens of the Middle Kingdom as we continue our series, Unveiled, and dive into what the Old Testament has to say about Jesus as prophecy. To find verses, notes, and small group discussion questions from today’s show, visit

Verses from Today’s Show:

Genesis 37-46


2 Samuel 7



Was Joseph a Type by James Hamilton

How Seeing Jesus in Scripture Affects Our Spiritual Formation by Joe Carter

Gleanings in Genesis by AW Pink

Typology of Scripture by Patrick Fairbairn


Small Group Discussion Questions:

  1. Why do you think God chose to teach us through picture?
  2. What are some examples of people or events that teach us the opposite of the gospel and create a longing for someone better to come and rescue us?
  3. How does the flood event teach us the gospel?
  4. Read Genesis 22 and discuss what we can learn about Jesus from this passage?
  5. How does the New Testament use typology of people and events?
  6. Do you think we can carry typology too far? For example, Noah’s ark was made of wood and the cross was made of wood.
  7. Is this just really exciting information or does it help us in our everyday life? If so, how?


Photo Credit: Zach Mazrim
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