Join citizens of the Middle Kingdom as we explore what the book of Proverbs has to say about being a workaholic.


BBC Article on Workaholism

Workaholics Anonymous


Proverbs 23:4

Proverbs 15:27

Colossians 3:23

Genesis 2:3, 15

II Timothy 2:6

I Timothy 5:8

II Thessalonians 3:10

Additional Notes:

The Bergen Work Addiction Scale

(1) Never, (2) Rarely, (3) Sometimes, (4) Often, and (5) Always

  • You think of how you can free up more time to work.
  • You spend much more time working than initially intended.
  • You work in order to reduce feelings of guilt, anxiety, helplessness and depression.
  • You have been told by others to cut down on work without listening to them.
  • You become stressed if you are prohibited from working.
  • You deprioritize hobbies, leisure activities, and exercise because of your work.
  • You work so much that it has negatively influenced your health.

Scoring of «often» or «always» on at least four of the seven items may suggest that you are a workaholic.