Join the citizens of the Middle Kingdom as we continue our series, Unveiled, and dig into what the Old Testament has to say about Jesus as man. To find verses, notes, and small group discussion’s from today’s show, visit

Verses from today’s episode:

Genesis 18

Genesis 32

Hosea 6:1

Daniel 3



The Unfolding Mystery by Edmond Clowney

Reading the Word of God in the Presence of God (Chapter 23) by Very Poythress (Clowney’s Triangle)

St Patrick’s Bad Analogies by Lutheran Satire


Small Group Discussion Questions:

  1. Read Genesis 1 and John 1. Discuss the role of the Trinity in Creation. What is each part of the Godhead doing and how does that influence our relationship with Him today?
  2. Why is the Trinity so important to our faith?
  3. Read John 12:37-41 and discuss whether or not it was the glory of Jesus that Isaiah saw.
  4. As Piper points out, “sanctification and speculation rise and fall in inverse proportion,” what are some of the most obvious appearances of Jesus in the Old Testament?
  5. Read Genesis 18 and discuss the character of Jesus that is revealed in His interaction with Abraham.
  6. Jesus’ wrestling with Jesus was a defining moment for him. Share with the group a time Jesus fought for you by fighting against you.
  7. As you read Daniel 3, do you think there is a greater truth to be had than the one commonly preached, “Jesus will deliver you from danger.”?
  8. Read John 8:58. Jesus was not a passive character in the Old Testament. Share some ways Jesus was actively present in the lives of the Old Testament believers. How is he present in your life today?

Photo Credit: Zach Mazrim
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