Providential Favor

Ruth 2:1-9 God’s providence is working in the ordinary events of our lives to bring about His favor (grace) for all those who take refuge under His wings.    Good morning, if you have your Bibles please turn to Ruth Chapter 1:   Almost all of chapter one is loss and sorrow and bitterness.  Ruth and Naomi are in their dark night of the soul.  Husbands have died, sons have


Ruth 1:5-22 Be it in the first act of salvation, the prodigal’s confession, or the daily renewal of the heart, all people are called upon to return to the Lord…however not all do.   Good morning, if you have a Bible please be turning to Ruth Chapter 1.    I don’t know if you’ve ever done this, perhaps it’s just me, but every time I find myself at the airport


Ruth 1:1-5 As God’s people we can face each loss, each trial, each hardship with hopefulness, knowing that the providence of God is intertwining every event to create something beautiful for us, for His people, and for the world.    Good morning, today we begin a new series in the book of Ruth.  If you have a Bible, please be turning to Ruth chapter one.  It’s found near the beginning

United in Love

 In 1883 Antoni Gaudi began construction on the Sa-gra-da Familia, a church with ambitious architecture. Gaudi attempted things never done before in architecture. It was so complicated that no one really understood it. It wasn’t until the advent of computers and software used in aviation that anyone could duplicate his work. Upon Gaudi’s graduation his professor said of him, today we either stand in the presence of a genius or

United in Giving

Today we finish our series in 1 Corinthians. Over the past several weeks we have focused on being United as a Church. United in Christ’s death as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. United in our serving as we use our gifts to build up the church. United in our love for one another. United in our service as we gather together in orderly worship. United in Christ’s resurrection as we

United at the Table

1 Corinthians 11:16-34   Some of our most meaningful moments in life centers around food. Every culture doesn’t just eat it for sustenance but uses it as a means of celebration and community. In my own culture: Thanksgiving is about family getting together, but it isn’t thanksgiving until the turkey is served. Birthdays are about celebrating a person turning a year older, but what is a birthday without a birthday

Good God Evil World

Text: Romans 8:16-39 LISTEN In 1755 on November 1st, All saints day, in Lisbon, Portugal Christians were gathered together in worship when an earthquake struck the city. 85% of the buildings were destroyed. Of course, the churches were the tallest buildings in the city so naturally the greatest loss of life happened there. It’s known as one of the deadliest earthquakes ever recorded. But the day of terror wasn’t over.

A Tale of Two Cities: Is there really a heaven and hell?

Luke 16:19-31 LISTEN Not to put a damper on our services today, but over the past 30 minutes, while we have been singing and shaking hands and listening to announcements 3,158 people have died (look around you, that almost four times the number of people present today). Can you imagine, if we all dropped dead right now, four times over, and that number just keeps turning over like an odometer

For Greater Glory

Today we end a three week series on Christian Liberty: Week One: How do use my freedom to love my Christian neighbor? It was a call to give up your rights for your neighbor Week Two: How do I use my freedom to Love unbelievers? It was a call to give up your rights for the lost Today: How do I use my freedom to love Christ? It’s a call