Great Eternal Light

That ancient darkness, shrouded in God’s light, Now flees my heart, and makes my sin my sight.   Then doeth the Son, with burning coal, command: “Flee my glory. Flee! Sin, thou shall not stand.”   In bearing light on man’s yet mortal frame Eternal Son doeth wayward sons reclaim.   Thou Great Light which not even sun doeth precede, Shall long forth shine after other rays recede.    


Sunbeams breaking dawn, Workers hasten on. Father chooses kid, Seller closes bid. Shofar waking land, Levite raises hand. Father clutches son, Temple deed is done. -Exodus 13:13-15


Silence is a lonely sound Though louder than one might think In crowded bars I try to drown its scream as it waits for me at the bottom of my drink.   Silence greets me at my gate. He turns the lock, lets me in. He crushes me with unceasing weight upon my chest. As I plea for relief he stares his toothless grin.   And I am alone…again