Ask a… Translator!

While some Beijingers have furthered their language ability by enrolling in classes and some know only basic phrases to get by, many others are fluent in two or more languages and thrive in all it has to offer. Today Ruth is joining us to share about how working in translation is a challenging and rewarding career, and also a beautiful way to advance the Kingdom. So Ruth can you tell

Ask a… Graduating Senior!

This season many high school seniors across Beijing will be graduating from high school, packing up, and moving to various countries in pursuit of their next calling in life. Today two awesome seniors, Esther and Sophia, are joining us to share about their high school experiences, their plans for the future, and their wisdom they gained along the way. So ladies, how long have you lived Beijing? What brought your

Ask a… Dancer!

Today we’ll hear from Gabrielle on how dance is a form of worship and praise, and why a dance ministry is a beautiful addition to a church. So Gabrielle, how did you get started with dance ministry? I started taking dance lessons when I was four, but liturgical dancing was something I did not start doing until I was in middle school. I joined the choir at my school, which

Ask a… Youth Pastor!

Many of us have pleasant memories attending youth group in high school and quite often the leadership made all the difference. Today TJ is joining us to share about his time serving as a youth pastor and why discipling this age group is so important. So TJ, tell us how you started out as a youth pastor. Did you always want to work in ministry? I started teaching youth regularly

Ask a… Social Media Influencer!

On the outside, life in the entertainment industry can look glamorous and easy, giving us the impression that it requires little work yet offers immediate rewards. The reality, however, is that it demands a lot of self-discipline and energy, and often comes with its own set of deeper struggles.  Today Brian is joining us to share about his experience in the field and the wisdom he gained along the way.

Ask a… Sunday School leader!

Every Sunday morning, dedicated volunteers serve the children of the church at Sunday School. For those of us who have never served in this capacity, it might be easy to believe that this simply involves supervising children for an hour or two. However, there is so much more to this ministry. Joining us today is Ernica, who has a huge heart for children and a gifting in teaching. How long

Ask a… Theologian!

I recently had the privilege of listening to a friend share a message on the importance of asking questions in our faith walk. Asking questions allows fellow believers to speak truth into our lives and it allows us to be stretched in our understanding of who God is. That is why I am very excited to have Chris and Julie join us today to speak into some of the common

Ask a… Camper!

Every spring and fall, youth travel on buses and trains from all over China for a weekend of fun-filled church camp. With Beautifully Broken: Spring 2019 coming up in May, I thought it would be great to hear from a couple of regulars at camp so we can find out what exactly happens on these weekends and why we should get involved. Joining us today are Lukas (18) and Jeannie

Ask… Grandparents!

Grandparenting from overseas means missing out on big moments in the lives of our loved ones, yet also finding new joys in answering God’s call. Jerry and Liliane are joining us today to share about grandparenting from afar. So Jerry and Liliane, how many grandchildren do you have? And where in the world do they live? We have three grandchildren, aged 4, 8, and 9, and another on the way.

Ask a… Long-term Beijinger!

If you have lived in Beijing long enough you know it’s a place where people regularly come and go. Sometimes it seems that welcoming and saying good-bye is all we do. However, we don’t often hear from people who are truly called to stay in Beijing for the long haul. Joining us today is Jonathon, a loyal Beijinger and a regular in the Middle Kingdom podcasts. So Jonathon, what brought