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Author: Keara Mulhern

Ask a... TCA!

In a previous Ask a… blog, Noah shared about being a TCK (third culture kid). You can read about his experience here. Today, we will be learning about what it is like to be a TCA… third culture adult! That is, someone who left their country in their adult years and now lives in a […]

By Keara Mulhern

September 28, 2018

Is Your Church Your Idol?

Photo credit: Zach Mazrim Prior to living in China, my spiritual walk was one I would describe as searching, doubting, waiting, and longing. I was a Christian, but I was hungry to know more, hear more, and experience more. Two days after I landed, I attended my first service at what immediately became my Beijing […]

By Keara Mulhern

July 3, 2018

Ask A... PK!

Last week we heard from Emmie’s mom, Gloria, on visiting Beijing as a tourist. If you missed it, you can find it here. This week Emmie trusted me with the responsibility of interviewing one of the coolest PKs (Pastor’s Kid) that we know… Zach! So Zach, I’m sure a lot of people are curious about […]

By Keara Mulhern

June 22, 2018